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Music. Violin.
Travel. Party.



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  • regrets.
    ++Saturday, May 21, 2011 ++

    One of my worst fear came true.

    Because of the generation gap and the possible awkwardness,

    I was never daring enough to give you a big and tight hug,

    to tell you that I actually love you very, very much.

    Now all I can do is to grieve by the casket.

    R. I. P.

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    9:51 AM
    molto appassionato.
    ++Tuesday, May 17, 2011 ++

    My first ambition was to be a teacher; I think I was 4?

    Later on I decided that being an astronaut is much cooler,

    and through the years I've wanted to be an actor, a scientist, a journalist......

    It didn't settle, at least not until 14 - after attending a performance that inspired me so deeply.

    From then onwards, I became madly in love with music and the violin.

    A chance to learn the violin under prefessional guidance didn't come easy for a small town boy -

    what I've been through was nothing in comparison to those of the great musicians,

    but it wasn't exactly 一帆风顺.

    That is why I gotta thank my family, my teachers and all my friends,

    for all the effort and encouragement.

    I'm made a better performer and musician because of you.

    And for this I shall perform my best to bring music alive, and be proud of myself.

    Wish me the best for my recital.

    Alles Gute!

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    12:28 AM
    Midori. an affair.
    ++Monday, May 2, 2011 ++

    I wonder who didn't turn up for Midori.

    Tchaikovsky sounded most affectionate when played by her.

    A better accompaniment will make much difference, though.

    Alles Gute!

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    2:23 AM
    Hakuna Matata!
    ++Sunday, May 1, 2011 ++

    We're in our 20's and we're still in love with Simba.

    A long anticipated visit to the Pride Rock was rewarding.

    It is our problem-free philosophy for this exam period;

    It means no worries for the rest of our days.

    Hakuna Matata!

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    1:33 AM
    OUR final lecture.
    ++Wednesday, April 20, 2011 ++

    It all started when Mr H asked if I would like to join the

    rehearsals and performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony -

    (you know) I nodded.

    That happened during my entrance audition, which was March 2008.

    It subsequently led to a quartet performance, and a Germany concert tour -

    all before July when we officially began schooling.


    Today, as classmates for 3 years, we had our final lecture together.

    Taking a class photo became mandatory, to commemorate our friendship,

    and the eventful 3 years we spent here.

    All memories, whether sweet or sorrow - are now archived.


    I wonder if I shall bring my camera to school tomorrow,

    to take some snaps of our last schooling day;

    and so I left the 18-135 EF-S lens in school (deliberately!), the answer is apparent, NO?

    Ancient Facts & Figures: Mervin, Ji Min and I first met and befriended each other

    in this very hall during an evening rehearsal in March 2008.

    I miss our baby quartet. Min Jin, where are you???


    Now now... Let's work towards our final recitals!

    Alles Gute!

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    10:45 PM
    tick - tock - tick - tock
    ++Tuesday, April 19, 2011 ++

    I thought I must have misplaced it, and I was damn emo.

    Searching through the practice rooms, the music office, the reception...

    It was no where to be found.

    Then there it was - in my locker, afterall.

    Not at the compartment I usually keep it though.

    I hate metronomes,

    but I treasure this very one which I've been using since I was a kid.

    It had seen me growing as a musician.

    Alles Gute!

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    11:52 PM
    Bon - jour!
    ++Monday, April 18, 2011 ++

    NOPE, it wasn't national day.

    We were merely spicing things up -

    an interlude to our daily practice.

    P/S: Specky, long hair. That was Didier when I first knew her.

    I guess we've all transformed for the better.

    Bonne chance!

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    11:09 PM